21 de noviembre de 2016


A few days ago, the 10th of November a big snowfall took place in Stockholm, 39 centimeters of snow covered the streets. Swedish newspapers called that day  "the Stockholm's snowiest November day in 111 years". That day and the days after, while many buses were out of order, there were huge delays with trains and many people were stucked in their cars for many hours, we, the ones that live in Björnkulla were hallucinating about how beautiful was the student residence. 

I decided to take some pictures in order to show you how beautiful was it. I promise that none of the following pictures has a filter: they are totally NO FILTER. I don't know why, but the sky and the natural light were like in pink and purple colours. It was incredible.

Last week I visited Budapest, and this week I'm going to Lapland, so I will write a post of each trip, hope you like it!

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