8 de noviembre de 2016


Have you heared about the Stockholm Subway? If your answer is no, this is going to interest you.

The Stockholm Subway is not just trains, vias, people waiting, people running, people looking at their watches... The Stockholm Subway is also full of ART.

In 1950s some artists started decorating this subway with paintings, mosaics, sculptures, etc. Nowadays over 90 of the 100 subway stations in Stockholm are decorated.

If you travel along the blue, red and green lines you will see the most famous stations.

If you are living here you just need your SL card, but in case you come to Stockholm on vacation (or your family or friends come here to visit you), then you will need to buy a ticket at the station.

T-Centralen is the main station, therefore it is the station with more passengers. Per Olof Ultvedt decorated it in 1975 with flowers along the walls in order to offer some calm and patience to passengers that are waiting for trains. 

The same artist also wanted to honour the workers, so he decided to paint their silhouettes.

The Kungsträdgården subway station looks like an archaeological excavation as it has Roman columns, sculptures and marble that belong to the National Art Museum.

The Gamla Stan Station. The designer of this station was Göran Dahl who was inspired by the tapestries from Överhogdal. So this station simbolizes the textile. 

Solna station has its walls decorated with a forest. The red paintings symbolize the pollution and the destruction of the environment. You can take advantage of the trip and visit the Mall of Scandinavia, which is the Sweden's largest shopping centre.

This is the Stadion station, with bright and colourful walls. The rainbow colours symbolize the 1912 Olympics which took place in Stockholm. 
In this station you can also find a colourful letter M that represents the Royal College of Music.

The Tekniska Högskolan station is one of my favourites. The theme of this station is science, so you will findart related to Isaac Newton, Christopher Polhem, Leonardo da Vinci, Copernicus and Johannes Kepler.

Solar System

And the four elements of nature...

The Östermalmstorg station is also one of my favourite ones and it was decorated by Siri Derkertand. She decided to focus on women's rights as well as in world peace, so this station also symbolises the green movement. 

The Hallonbergen station was decorated with drawings made by children. So sweet!

The Slussen station is located in the hippest district of Stockholm, Södermalm (totally recommended place). Here you will see the “Opponer” by Sune Fogde, which is made by lacquer and plaster.

Västra skogen station is decorated with coloured tiles and it includes Western Europe’s longest escalator. It was done by Sivert Lindblom.

I will add more photos of new stations that I visit. I hope you like it, and don't hesitate to visit them!

What do you think about the Stockholm Subway? Is it as cool as the Moscow Subway or the Naples Subway?

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