3 de septiembre de 2016


Hi everybody!

This is going to be a blog where I am going to talk about my Erasmus experience in Sweden, studying during the Autumn semester at Södertörns Högskola University, but I will also show you my trips. I have to say that I have zero experience in writing blogs, so I will try to do my best.

First of all, I am going to introduce myself: I am Laura, I am 20 years old, and I am studying my fourth and last course of Business at the University of Cantabria (North of Spain). I have chosen Sweden because I think that the Scandinavian countries are really different from the rest of European countries, therefore I thought that it could be a unique opportunity to see how is life here.


I am not sure if all European Universities ask for the same papers and the same things to do before doing the Erasmus, but I know that in Spain they all ask for the following ones:

-Learning Agreement
-Mobility agreement
-Letter of acceptance
-European Sanitary Card
-A bank account
-Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

All documents have to be signed by both your home University and your new University, so I recommend you to do all this stuff by email (Södertörns answers the emails really fast) before starting the Erasmus, so you have nothing to worry about when you get here.


The University will send you the “Arrival information” pdf, where you can find all the information, but I will sum up what they say:

-During the official arrival days (when they give you your room keys) you will find a help desk for Erasmus students at the Arlanda a Skavsta airports. They offer a FREE bus that takes you (and your family) to the Stockholm Central Station. If you arrive later you can get a local bus, the Commuter train, or the Arlanda Express Train.  You can buy the ticket or the SL travel card at the airport . The cheapest is to buy the SL card (public transport) for one week. This way you’ll be able to use any public transport (bus, underground, train and even some ferries!) as much as you want for one week. Public transport is expensive in Sweden; however there are discounts for students. A few days after your arrival you’ll get your student card at the university, which will allow you to get discounts.

ONE IMPORTANT ISSUE: In Stockholm you CANT’T pay by cash at the BUS. You ALWAYS NEED to have the SL travel card to go by bus, but you don’t need it to go by train as you can buy an individual ticket (they are more expensive than if you get a card).  You can make the SL card rechargeable, or you can get a 1 week card, a 1 month card or a 3 months card (take the last one better). Each card is individual, so if you come here with your family you must get one per person.

-In order to collect your room keys (if you are going to stay at Björnkulla) you should make your way to the “Study and career centre” at the University (they will tell you at what time you can go).

-To get to Södertörns from the Central Station you have to get the “Pendeltåg” (local commuter train) towards Södertälje, you have to go to platforms 13 or 14. The Universty stop is “Flemingsberg station” (it will take you about 20 minutes).

-To get to Björnkulla you can take the 407 bus (there are many bus stops next to the University), or you can walk (the University will tell you the address, it takes 15 minutes).


The University offers you some activities during the first week, such as a trip to Ikea, lectures, visits to the library, etc. I will recommend you to attend all of them, especially the parties and the “fikas” because is where you are going to meet your new friends. They also offer free food and coffee as well. By the way, “Fika” is a Swedish word than means having tea or coffee with delicious biscuits.

During those days the University will ask you to get some student cards (pay attention because some of them can only by paid by cash).

-Student Union Card: Used to print, photocopy and get books at the library. This card is free.

-ESN Card: The ESN is a European student network that supports Erasmus students. This card offers many discounts at shops but also allows you to go to parties without paying the entrance. It costs 5€ and you need to take a picture of yourself (if you don’t have the picture and you want to enter into a pub they can make you pay 5€…).

I have to say that we are so happy with the University's and the ESN's job, they are always there to help us with everything.

The last thing to talk in today’s post is about a guy called Vit. He will send you an email offering trips on weekends. The first week he took us to the coast of Baltic Sea and it was a great experience: 12km walking through a forest next to the coast with awesome views to take pictures. The brave ones also swam in the Baltic Ocean (come on, is not so cold!)

This is the link to his blog, where you can see the trips and how to get to the different places: weekendinstockholm.x10host.com

I hope this post helps you during the first few days!

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