15 de septiembre de 2016


Hi! These days I haven’t visited many places because I am attending two subjects and also preparing a trip to Tallinn and Riga, but I went to Uppsala and to the Stockholm’s Oktober Fest a few days ago.

The easiest way to go to Uppsala is taking the green train line (nº 38 to Uppsala) in the Stockholm Central Station, but there is one thing to take into account: using the SL travel card you can only go to Rotebro and then you should buy a ticket to go to Uppsala (because the train reviser comes sometimes), which is two stops after, in Zone C (with the SL card you can only go to Zones A and B). The trip will take you 50 minutes approximately.

Uppsala is one the most visited places here in Sweden, but in my honest opinion it is not as awesome as in the pictures I had seen on the Internet. Here you can visit the Storatorget, where is the town hall, the Domkyran (cathedral),  the Carolina Rediviva (library), the University or the Slottet, which is a castle where you can see ordnance and the Gunilla Bielke (an historical bell).

The day I went to Uppsala was the Cultural Day, and therefore there were some concerts, food stalls, and many people, so the city had a good atmosphere. 

Carolina Rediviva (The University Library) I had never seen so many bikes together... 

A picture taken by my friend Ainhoa Rossi

The Stockholm Oktober Fest took place the following days: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th and 10th of September.

How to get there? You should take the red line (nº 13 to Ropsten), and stop in Gärdet (5 minutes) and then walk 10 minutes to the fest.

Upon arrival there was a band playing festive Swedish songs, and a long line of people dancing so the atmosphere was very funny. We went to get some beers and then a young rock band started playing, so we approached the stage and spent all night dancing and singing. The worst thing was that it closed at 23h (too early for Spanish people haha).

You can see here the prices of the drinks and food:

See you in the next post!

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