29 de septiembre de 2016


Hi again!

In this post I am going to talk about my trip to Tallinn. My friends and I decided that this was going to be our first trip together for two reasons: it is a cheap and beautiful city and you can also buy alcohol at the ferry without paying taxes. We spent the first night at the ferry, then two nights at a hostel and the last night at the ferry again.

We took the ferry at Stockholm’s port: once you are at the Central Station, take the red line to Ropsten, the stop is Gärdet, and then walk to the port.  We travelled with the ferry’s company called “Tallink”. You can buy the tickets at www.aferry.com (the price is 75€ for the round trip, and it includes a 4 people cabin).

It was my first time on a ferry and despite the 15 hours of travel we had a great time because the ferry offers a lot of things to avoid boredom: shows, Djs, a games room, some bars, a nightclub, etc.

RECOMMENDATION: Bring your own food, because it is really expensive to eat at the ferry, even fast food.

We arrived on Saturday at 10am and took bus number 5 to get to the hostel (buses in Tallinn are almost free, I am saying “almost” because a local guy told as that the bus reviser hardly ever comes, and the driver just drives hahaha).

We stayed at the Monk’s Bunk hostel, a hostel mainly for young people. They have rooms with bunk beds, some shared bathrooms (they were really clean), and a kitchen. I have to say that they are all the time partying, in fact, they gave us free shots when we arrived (11am) and then spent all the day playing beer pong.

Afterwards, we decided to do a 2 hour free tour (www.freetour.com). The tour is carried out by young people who take you through the old part of Tallinn and tell you the story of the city in a really pleasant way. What are they going to show you?

          St. Nicholas Church
          Town Hall Square
          Freedom Square
          Danish King's Garden
          Parliament Building
          St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
          Dome Church
          City Wall
          Tallinn's Red Rooftops
          The romantic Masters’ Courtyards

      That day we ate pizza at Pizza Koju, it was so good and cheap.

On Sunday we decided to do some food shopping and then go to the Tourism Information to ask for a map to continue walking through Tallinn’s streets.

We had lunch at the famous pancake bar “Kompressor”. We had to wait a lot in the queue, but the wait was worth the pleasure of eating the pancakes.

Later, we visited St. Catharine’s Passage, St. Olav’s Church (I recommend you to climb up the tower, it only costs 2€ and the views from here are spectacular), we also visited the Great Coastal gate and Fat Margaret’s Tower, the Town Hall Pharmacy and the Maiden’s tower.

Finally, we had dinner at III Draakon, a medieval tavern situated in Tallinn's Town Hall. Here you can only eat reindeer: reindeer soup, reindeer sausages, reindeer pie, reindeer rib…  Something weird of that bar is that the waitresses don’t give you cutlery or an extra glass if you want to share your drink, what is more, they get angry if you ask for them hahaha.

Definitely I really liked Tallinn, but I would have liked to go to Riga because it is only four hours away and I think that we would have had time to go, but when you're traveling with a large group, you have to do what the majority decides!

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